Taxon Scart Switch - Working Prototype #2

Product image of Taxon Scart Switch - Working Prototype #2
Product image of Taxon Scart Switch - Working Prototype #2
Product image of Taxon Scart Switch - Working Prototype #2

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Product description

Buy now the working prototype #2 of the Taxon Scart Switch at a lower price than the retail version. Full 2 years warranty, full functionality, but design compromises. The audio update and the new calibration is NOT included with this version. The pictures show the article that will be shipped.

The dream for retro fans. With the Taxon Scart Switch there is no need for annoying replugging. Connect up to 8 devices to the Taxon Scart Switch. Then connect the Taxon Scart Switch to up to 2 output devices. These can even be used at the same time. By default the Taxon Scart Switch switches automatically and you don't have to worry about it anymore.

Scope of delivery
  • Taxon Scart Switch
  • Power supply
Technical data
  • 8 Scart inputs
  • 1 Scart output
  • 1 RCA output
    • separate audio output for connecting a Hi-Fi device
    • RGB video output
  • Rotary switch for channel selection or automatic mode
  • Polarity reversal protection included
  • Dimensions: 33cm x 18cm x 4cm
  • Weight: approx 750g

The switching works by detecting a video signal (pin 20) in the scart cable. Each scart signal should send at least one video signal, ensuring that each input is switched automatically. Input 1 is switched through if no signal can be detected. Input 2 has a higher priority than input 1. If both inputs are active, input 2 is switched through. This has no negative effect on the device, but is intended to do so. If the prioritisation has to be overridden, the input can be selected manually with the rotary switch. The channel switching takes place in fractions of a second. In contrast to comparable devices, the switchover is silent.

Supported signals
  • Composite video (FBAS) (with adaptor)
  • RGB video
  • S-video (with adaptor)
Manual calibration for best transmission of the input signal

The Taxon Scart Switch is calibrated manually so that the output levels of the video and RGB signals correspond to those of the input levels. This is made possible by very accurate potentiometers. Calibration is done with our recommended Scart output cable. If you use another cable, the correct calibration cannot be guaranteed. You can buy the cable in the selection menu.

Pure Analog

In contrast to similar devices, the Taxon Scart Switch is delivered without a microprocessor, which could interfere with the signals. Thus you profit from the best picture and sound quality with SD signals.

Support for Sony PVM monitors

You like Sony PVM monitors? So do we. That's why the Taxon Scart Switch has direct connections to the individual RGB colours, making additional adapters superfluous.

Support for bad RGB cables

The Taxon Scart Switch makes it possible to correct wrongly wired Scart cables. Sometimes not all ground connections in the cable are correctly connected. The Taxon Scart Switch offers a common ground potential for all signals and forwards them corrected to the output device. This can lead to a better picture and sound quality with these cables.

Hotplug capability

In contrast to comparable devices, the Taxon Scart Switch makes it easy to plug and unplug the Scart connectors when switched on. This is also part of our quality tests..

4 Watts Power consumption

The Taxon Scart Switch has high-quality voltage converters with high energy efficiency. In operation, it requires a maximum of 4 watts. However, this is only the case when the outputs are fully loaded, otherwise the power consumption is even lower.

Protection against external switching voltage

With passive Scart switches it can happen that the switching voltage of one device (up to 12V) passes over to the other connected devices. This switches them on even though they are not actually connected to the mains. In the best case, these interfere with the picture. In the worst case, the other devices are destroyed by the excessive voltage of the other device. The Taxon Scart Switch prevents these unwanted connections when it is switched on and also when it is switched off.

Universal power supply

You live in the United States, Australia or the United Kingdom? No problem. Our power supply fits into all current sockets and supports all current voltages. Four interchangeable inserts are supplied.

Handcrafted housing

For cost reasons, our housing is manufactured using 3D printing technology. We use PETG as printing material. Afterwards it is finished by hand, colored and labeled. For this reason, the quality of an industrial housing cannot be achieved. Anyone who owns a 3D printer knows that the results are not always as desired. Therefore each housing is unique and does not entitle to return the product. The advantage is that you can choose the colour of the housing and thus design your product individually. In addition, non-slip and non-scratching feet are supplied.

2 years warranty

We offer 2 years warranty. The product must be returned to us or brought past our company location. We then take over the repair and the return shipment.

Made in Switzerland

This product was designed in Switzerland. Almost all production steps take place in Switzerland. The product will be shipped from Switzerland.

What signals does the RCA output have?

The signals are: Audio right / Audio left / Video signal / RGB Red / RGB Green / RGB Blue.

Do you use AC- or DC-coupled video outputs?

The video and RGB outputs are DC-coupled. This can lead to a situation where no real black is achieved or the colours on certain display devices are not correct. Hum loops are also possible. You can purchase our Scart adapter cable for AC coupling to convert the output signals to AC coupling. We could have also provided AC-coupled outputs directly, but there are display devices that expect DC-coupled outputs. With this solution we can support both variants.

Can I use another power supply?

In general, we recommend to use the included power supply. We guarantee the correct functionality of the device only with our power supply. If you use your own, you need an 18-28 Volt power supply with at least 0.5A.

Can the switches be connected in series?

Yes, this is basically possible and intended. With 2 switches you switch 15 devices automatically. Connect the second Taxon Scart Switch to input 1 of the first one.

Is HD signal supported?

HD signals can be fed in using an adapter. However, the Taxon Scart Switch has not been optimized for HD signals and quality losses must be expected. We are working on a new version to support higher resolutions.

Is pure sync mode possible?

This was basically intended, but the signal is too weak and cannot be used. That's why we have to put you on version 2 here as well.

What signal levels are supported?
  • Video input signal and RGB input signals: 2V pp AC-coupling
  • Video output signal: DC-coupling
  • Audio input signal 2V pp AC-coupling
  • Audio output signal: AC-coupling
  • Switching voltage: 0-12V DC
  • RGB switching signal: 0-12V DC (Output: 0-~3V DC)
Do sync-stripper-cables from Retro Gaming Cables work?

These cables work perfectly as long as they are supplied with 5 volts switching voltage. Higher voltages have not been tested and are not recommended.

Must duties be paid?

That depends on your country. You will have to expect additional import duties. Contact your customs administration. Taxon Tools declares all shipments correctly.


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Dimensions and weight (subject to correction)

Length: 33cm
Width: 17cm
Height: 6cm
Weight: 1000g