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Taxon Scart Genius

Product image of Taxon Scart Genius

CHF 34.90 / piece

(€ 35,93 / piece)
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Further information

Product description

RGB adapter with RGB, audio splitter and sync stripper*. An additional scart cable is required. A different adapter is available for each game console.
Feature description

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Attention: SNES

No sync-stripping possible.

Attention: Sega Saturn

The Sega Saturn may need an USB power supply. Try to use the adapter without connecting the USB cable first. If there is no picture, you need to connect the USB cable (This is especially the case with older Sega Saturn models). The USB cable is about 35cm long and usually connects to a free USB socket on your TV or to a cell phone charger.

*: Note exceptions

Dimensions and weight (subject to correction)

Length: 33cm
Width: 17cm
Height: 12cm
Weight: 170g