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7.10.2023 Taxon Scart Genius and more

We have again a small number of Taxon Scart Switches V2 available.

Brand new: Taxon Scart Genius, an RGB adapter for game consoles. We have been working on it for a long time, now we can proudly offer the first version of it for a few game consoles. We will deliver more within a reasonable period of time, depending on demand.

29.5.2023 Preorders processed

All pre-ordered Taxon Scart Switches have been shipped.

Manual Taxon Scart Switch V2: Open manual

15.5.2023 Problem solved

Our change has worked and we will start this week with assembling and possibly with shipping the first Taxon Scart Switches V2.

6.5.2023 Today is a bad day

Basically we wanted to assemble and ship all Taxon Scart Switches V2 yesterday, but unfortunately the Murphy struck again: we assembled all our PCBs according to our working and accepted reference. The expectation was of course that they would work the same as the reference, because 2 times X works like X, right? Unfortunately, no! The copies work, but have so many interferences that we could not accept them with the best conscience. You would not have enjoyed it, because regular noise was visible on the TV screen

So back to field 1, why does the reference work and the copies don't work? Did we assemble the copies incorrectly? After a long search: No! Everything is correct. What is the reason then? Well, components have tolerances and apparently it was that the reference was "lucky", but in the normal case the configuration does not work without interference. Thanks to the bench power supply we were able to find the culprit and next week we will re-solder everything and try again to approve the copies. So unfortunately the delivery of the switches will be delayed again by 2 weeks.

A small consolation: With the change in the copies, we even achieve better results in the image quality compared to our reference.

21.4.2023 Today is a good day

After creating various prototype PCBs, varying the assembly of the PCBs and finally checking image quality with multiple AB-Tests we can announce today that the research and development phase for Taxon Scart Switch V2 is over.

We did approve the image quality of Taxon Scart Switch V2, which shows much less interference than Taxon Scart Switch V1 in a direct comparison. All inputs perform similar. The sync stripper works as expected and we won't change anything on the current assembly.

So next week we will produce the rest of the PCBs. We had to undo our AB tests on some PCBs and update the assembly to our approved version, which caused some manual rework. But we happily did it because we reached our milestone. The week after next week we will hopefully start shipping your pre orders. Once this is done, we will produce some more Taxon Scart Switch V2 and once they are produced, those who have long wanted to buy a Scart Switch can then start buying.

8.4.2023 Background: Printing housings

Christopher shows his fail-safe printing modification and the challenges with our own filament.

29.11.2022 Switch V2 Update

We have decided to leave the pre-sale of the Taxon Scart Switch V2 activated to save us work with requests from you :-) However, the price has now been set to the regular retail price as announced. We are currently testing the video circuitry on a special test board and will then integrate it into the switch. We are also testing a few minor audio improvements. As soon as these tests are successful, we will create the hopefully final design of our product and can deliver it to you.

25.11.2022 Switch V2 preorderable

You can now take advantage of our Black Friday offer and pre-order the Taxon Scart Switch V2. This offer is valid only from today until next Monday. After that the Taxon Scart Switch V2 is no longer available for pre-order. We receive again and again inquiries whether we still produce switches. You have now the chance to get it. If you miss the offer you will have to wait until we definitely have the switch in stock and additionally you will not get a pre-order discount.

15.10.2022 Replacement parts available

If your warranty has expired, you can now find replacement parts here.

13.10.2022 All Scart Switches V1 sold

After we sold the ancestor switch, we definitely don't have any Taxon Scart Switch V1 in stock (and will never have them in future) We are now working hard on V2 and the console RGB cables.

16.09.2022 More remaining stock sale

For sale is another blue-gray scart switch and a black scart switch.

08.09.2022 Remaining stock sale

We were still able to produce three Taxon Scart Switch V1 and informed our customers who filled our form. The first switch was sold within 2 hours, the second one 2 hours later. Today the last one was sold. Of course we are happy that our product is in such demand and now we are going full throttle for Taxon Scart Switch V2.

13.08.2022 Sharpening the Axe

We are currently in the process of upgrading our infrastructure. Our goal is to make the latest Taxon Scart Switches V1 available for sale soon. Another project is the sale of RGB cables for game consoles. These are of course 100% compatible with our switch, but can also be used in other setups without any problems. The 1st prototype still showed bugs in the audio area, which we hope to improve with the 2nd prototype, so we can sell the cables soon. We are also in the process of making and testing a prototype of the Taxon Scart Switch V2.

Unfortunately, not everything went smoothly this year, so we needed more time than expected to trim our infrastructure to a higher productivity. The many regular single orders last year took a lot out of us. In the future, we will only sell products from stock and not produce on demand. In the meantime, we have created enough space for our machinery and replaced some equipment with more efficient ones. We hope to always have scart switches and cables in stock after this somewhat long break.