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Taxon Scart Genius Taxon Scart Genius
New product on the market!

At the beginning there was our Scart-Switch. Now all we need is a Scart adapter for any game console as a supplement: With the Taxon Scart Genius you connect the game console with an universal Scart cable to the output device.

The following game consoles are supported:

  • Sega Master System (FRA) / Sega Mega Drive 1 / Sega Genesis 1
  • Sega Mega Drive 2 / Sega Genesis 2
  • Sega Saturn
  • Sega Dreamcast
  • Super Nintendo / Super Famicon
  • Nintendo GameCube (PAL)
  • Nintendo Wii
  • Sony Playstation 1 / Sony Playstation 2
  • SNK Neo Geo
  • Microsoft Xbox Classic
  • Open design to other consoles with analog RGB and stereo audio

Pure RGB signals

The Taxon Scart Genius creates an RGB connection between the game console and the output device. Composite video and component video are not supported. It also supports stereo audio and provides the correct switching signals to the Scart connector.


Shielding on console side

With most RGB cables that we have seen so far, the shielding is either not connected or the connection to the shield is only made on the Scart plug side. This is not very effective protecting against interferences from outside. The Taxon Scart Genius already connects the shield on console side and therefore effectively protects the signal against external interferences across the entire connection between the console and the output device.


High audio impedance with audio buffer

The audio signals are picked up from the game console with a very high impedance and additionally get buffered. This design eliminates crosstalk between the audio and RGB signals in the short connection cable. Users of a Sega Mega Drive / Sega Genesis console certainly know the interference signals, which can be different depending on the image content. In contrast, buffering allows higher audio quality compared to normal RGB cables.


Sync stripper installed

A sync stripper is built into the Taxon Scart Genius, which can be activated with a switch. This filters the video signal using LM1881 on compatible game consoles and leaves only the synchronization signal. With appropriate interconnection a direct sync signal can also be routed from the game console.


No additional power supply

Normally the Taxon Scart Genius does not need any additional power, but uses the voltages provided by the game console itself. If this is not possible, the Taxon Scart Genius provides a USB cable, which must be connected seperately (i.e. with older models of Sega Saturn if it was not modded). We recommend not using the USB cable if it works without it.


Plug & Play

The Taxon Scart Genius is Plug & Play: plug into console, plug in USB cable if needed, connect the Scart cable to the output device and start playing. The adapter is compatible with: TVs with Scart connection, HDMI upscalers with RGB function and Scart to component video converters. However, compatibility with every device cannot be guaranteed.


Solid capacitors


Both the video and the audio signals are coupled through solid capacitors, which have a longer lifespan and distort the signals less than normal aluminum capacitors.

Exploded Housing
Modular design


The Taxon Scart Genius consists of the adapter housing and a console connection cable. An additional Scart cable is also needed. You can either buy it or you can use your own Scart cable. In any case an RGB compatible Scart cable has to be used.

Audio Splitter

With the Taxon Scart Genius, audio signals can be splitted and sent separately to a connected Audio amplifier. The signals between the Scart audio and the Audio splitters are galvanically isolated.


Cable length irrelevant

Do you need a 5m cable? No problem, just use a standard 5m Scart cable. Do you need 10m? Works too. However, we recommend our standard 1.5m Scart cable, which we also use with our Scart switch. We sell this with a small discount when purchasing a Taxon Scart Genius.


Circuit board

Every game console needs different components: resistances in the signal, resistances against ground or capacitors in the signal. The Taxon Scart Genius always has the same circuit board, which can be configured with bridges and solder pads. This saves us time during assembly and can make better use of quantity discounts. The circuit board offers reverse-polarity protection if a game console is connected incorrectly.

Board View


  • Housing: 110 x 85 x 42mm (length x width x height)
  • Weight: approx. 170g
  • Cable to console: approx. 200mm